Today’s about opening up my mind & Spirit

Today I’m taking some me-time to relax, decompress and recalibrate. Catching up on my magazines, and researching and testing beauty products are two of my favorite ways to practice #selfcare and soothe my soul.  Carving out time to treat yourself to downtime is an important practice to incorporate in your #selflove rituals.  Remember to take some time this weekend to do whatever it is that nourishes your soul. It could be getting close to nature, pampering yourself with a spa day, spending the afternoon in the bookstore, or a mani/pedi date with your bestie...all some of my favorite things to do. It’s in these moments that you allow space for renewal and for your creativity to flow.  Today’s about opening up my mind and spirit to be able to receive and manifest. #EssentiallyDana



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